Aspire Nautilus

Aspire Nautilus uses the new Aspire BVC coil heads

stainless steel

Beautiful appearance gives a more comfortable feeling


Unique thread design

bottom dual coils

Unique atomizer makes you feel more authentic taste

base hardware

Guarantee hundred percent comfort

Monday, May 16, 2016

What's your review of Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank?

Aspire Nautilus Mini is a smaller one than its brother Nautilus Tank, but brings you the wonderful vaping experience, especially for the adoption of the advanced BVC coil technology. The special BVC coil technology is patented by Aspire, make a great innovation in coil technology, which really contributes to the good taste production. If the flavor is  the goal you are chasing in vaping, Aspire Nautilus Mini is really the one you absolutely can not miss. If you have tried this tank, then what's your review of it? Tasteful flavor? How about the vapor production? Hope more vapers share the actual vaping experience on Aspire Nautilus Mini on this officially authorized website!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Follow these steps to set up your Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank

Aspire Nautilus Mini is a fantastic tank with cloud vapor production and tasteful flavor reproduction. Actually setting up your Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank is so simple and it's always recommmended to wash all components of any tank before first use.

    Simply unscrew the Base Plate from the Tank and top cap.
    Screw a new Coil Head into the Base Plate.
    Prime the Coil Head by applying 3-5 drops of E-liquid to the Organic Cotton inside the Coil Head.
    Screw the Glass tank onto the top section.
    Fill the tank with eliquid till just before the top of the air shaft. Make sure not to get eliquid into the center air shaft.
    Screw the base plate with the heating coil installed, onto the tank.
    Allow the tank to sit for a minute to make sure the coil head is fully saturated.
    Screw the tank onto your device.
    Draw on the tank without pressing the fire button of the device. This is to help setup the airflow. If the airflow feels fine, you are ready to vape. If the draw is to stiff or airy, adjust the airflow control ring on the base plate to a larger or smaller hole setting.

Through these steps, now you are ready to enjoy the marvelous vaping experience on your Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank Clearomizer.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What box mod do you often match with your Nautilus Tank?

It's a frequently asked question of how to match a Nautilus Tank or Mini one. Actually there is no certain answer to this question. Except from the size in the match of appearance and suitable functionality, your actual vaping experience is the more important factor. Generally, the Eleaf iStick series is the common match with Nautilus Tank and many vapers reviewed that this combination brings the wonderful vaping experience. If you are seeking a good combination of a vaporization device, suggest giving this one a try. A small tip for you: a regulated box mod is a better choice than a mechanical mod in the match of Aspire Nautilus Tank.

Cleaning Aspire Nautilus Tank like this

Have you ever encountered this situation how to correctly clean the Nautilus Tank when you feel the obviously terrible taste? It's really the high time to clean your tank carefully. Firstly you should detach all components: unscrew the bottom part from the upper hardware and then unscrew the coil from the base hardware. In terms of the clearning methods, you should take seperate measurements. For top part clean with hot water and dry it with towel or blow dryer. For the bottom part clean the threadign with alcohol swab and suggest cleaning the air holes with a round toothpick. The inside of tube is so simple to clean and just try to dry out. Hope these simple methods can be helpful and your tank can get over with the taste of the previous e-liquid.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The specialized official authorized website for the purchase of Aspire Nautilius Tank

Still confused by so many oline stores selling Aspire Nautilus Tank? If you have so deep interest into this fantastic tank, this official authorized website is absolutely your right choice. The official authorized website specially sells Aspire Nautilus Tank and related accessories. Not only with premium quality guarantee, also with excellent customer service. Moreover, you can visit our official blog for more information of this product and using tips. So many services you can enjoy on this official authorized website.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

The filling tips of Aspire Nautilus/Nautilus Mini Tank

These two tanks: Aspire Nautilus and Nautilus Mini Tank are so famous for the good favor production. That means that this tank can well play the best of eliquid out for your inhalation and then do you know the right way of refilling eliquid to make good preparation for wonderful vaping experience?

As we all know, don't try to overfill the tank with eliquid.

Make sure the atomizer coil is completely screwed into the bottom cap of the tank before reassembling the tank. Also you should make sure the threads of the atomizer coil itself are screwed into the middle portion of the inside of the tank.

Another important point you should keep in mind is: after filling, shake the whole tank vigorously for about 10 seconds to mix the liquid up. If you just add a new flavor or just replace the atomizer coil with a new one, then let the tank sit upright for at least 10 minutes to soak up the wick with liquid.

Hope these methods mentioned above can be helpful for you to enjoy a fantastic and comfortable vaping experience.

The Bottom Vertical Coil alongside Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank

Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank is a more popular tank than its big brother Nautilus Tank mainly for the adoption of the innovative Bottom Vertical Coil patented by Aspire. This coil design is said to allow for better wicking, flavor and vapor to address the issues with the original Nautilus coils. Moreover, the BVC's are interchangeable with the original Nautilus. If you really want to give the fantastic coils a new attempt on your Nautilus Mini or the original Nautilus Tank, suggest visiting this official authorized online store and there you can get a great deal for the BVC coils and Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank.